GIRLSOURCED - Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Girlsourced Terms of Use and Data Protection Policy   which govern the usage of the Girlsourced App and ensure our users’ data privacy.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the sale and purchase of Girlsourced styling sessions:

  • A regular Girlsourced styling session (main “Styling session”) shall include a 20 minute in-app text chat with a professional stylist, 1 Moodboard (post-consultation) and 1 Shopping list (post-consultation; optional). Girlsourced fashion styling services are offered online and all post-consultation collaterals shall be delivered in digital format and sent to the client user electronically via email or other preferred document sharing platforms.
  • Session extensions of 5 minutes can be purchased during the chat upon nearing expiry of the main session via a link to the Girlsourced website. The main chat session shall be paused and resume upon entering the subsequent redemption code.
  • Styling sessions can currently be purchased via the Girlsourced website. A unique redemption code will be provided to the user for every session purchased, to be redeemed on the Girlsourced mobile application.
  • Girlsourced shall not be responsible for the non-receipt or delay in receiving the mentioned redemption code by its intended recipient on grounds beyond Girlsourced’s control, including (i) deficiencies or breakdown of telecommunication systems, (ii) inaccuracy of details of recipient of the purchased styling session, or (iii) if e-mails sent by Girlsourced are deemed to be junk mail.
  • Styling sessions are redeemable in-app (Girlsourced App) through unique redemption codes issued at Point of Sale.
  • Styling sessions have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • All styling sessions purchased are non-refundable.
  • Styling sessions purchased as gifts are transferable and validated through the recipient name and unique redemption codes.
  • Requests for transfers of already purchased styling sessions shall be submitted to
  • Bearers of purchased styling sessions are responsible for keeping their unique redemption codes safe from unintended users.
  • Styling session unique redemption codes found obtained through any unlawful means shall be rendered null and void.
  • Any attempt by individuals or entities to offer online styling services and/or sell counterfeit redemption codes under the “Girlsourced” trading name shall be deemed illegal and liable for charges of fraudulent activities.
  • Girlsourced reserves the right to terminate or suspend its services in the event of operational disruptions due to significant social/economic/political crises.
  • Girlsourced reserves the right to amend styling session prices and/or introduce new promotional offers in the future.
  • Styling sessions already paid for shall retain their original value, notwithstanding any price reduction or increase, and be valid under the terms to which they are bound at Point of Sale.
  • These T&CS and the details contained on the Girlsourced website do not constitute an offer of sale, rather an invitation to treat. There shall be no contract between a purchaser and Girlsourced in relation to styling services until the offer (to order) has been expressly accepted by Girlsourced. If the offer (to order) is not accepted and the purchaser’s account has already been charged, the amount of the same shall be reimbursed in full. The contract between the purchaser and Girlsourced to buy the service is concluded only when Girlsourced sends the purchaser an electronic Order Confirmation.
  • The use of the Girlsourced website and the purchase of styling sessions through said website shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore.
  • For any queries on the above Terms & Conditions, please email

The Terms & Conditions above are valid as at March 2020.